Fast-Tracking LaunchPad's Market Presence with StaticCMS-powered Landing Pages

Rapid Creation of Marketing Landing Pages atop a Design System for Quick Market Testing and Future Growth


LaunchPad Audio Innovations, an AI-powered digital audio controller startup, needed to quickly establish visibility and test their ads in the market. However, as a young startup, they also needed a solution that would empower them to scale in the future.

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Our Solution:

We set up a content-driven Design System and a StaticCMS-powered website and landing page builder for LaunchPad Audio Innovations. This approach allowed them to create marketing landing pages at lightning speed, enabling rapid market testing and gaining crucial visibility.


With our StaticCMS-powered solution, LaunchPad was able to streamline their development and design process. This not only allowed them to scale faster but also enabled them to focus on their primary objective - building a standout product in the market. Even though a Design System was not their immediate need, they now have a robust foundation for future growth.
As a startup, we needed to hit the ground running. Systemics's approach streamlined our dev and design process, allowing us to scale faster and focus on what truly matters - building a product that stands out in the market.
- Alex Chen

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