Harmonizing Digital Experiences for TechFusion Enterprises with a Custom Design System

Streamlining Development, Enhancing User Experience, and Boosting Brand Consistency through Netlify Create/Stackbit


Harmonize Techfusions Digital Landscape

TechFusion Enterprises, a leading player in the smart home industry, grappled with a fragmented digital landscape. Their use of different UI frontend libraries resulted in significant inconsistencies in the user interface and user experience across their digital platforms. The integration of design tokens into their legacy applications was a daunting challenge.

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Our Solution:

Design System in 5 Days

We partnered with TechFusion to develop a tailored Design System using kickstartDS. This code-first framework accelerated the setup process, seamlessly integrating with their existing component libraries like Bootstrap and MUI. Our innovative approach ensured brand consistency, even for legacy products, transforming their digital landscape.

Additional Services:

Help to help yourself

We empowered TechFusion's marketing and digital teams through comprehensive training on Design Systems. Their frontend developers were trained to use kickstartDS, enabling them to take over the development of new components effectively.


The implementation of the new Design System resulted in a year's worth of development time saved. Coding new components within their tech stack became significantly more efficient, eliminating the need for time-consuming customization of MUI components.

Working with Systemics technology has been a game-changer for our brand. Their design system expertise brought harmony to our user experiences, making our digital platforms not just functional, but truly captivating.
- John Smith

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